You know what? Food can be replaced, but not the delivery rider!

It seems like the Huat is real for food delivery companies since Singapore entered this Heightened Alert phase. With the surge in demand for food delivery, many of our food delivery riders have been working extra hard, and some are facing exhaustion. A screenshot of the conversation between a food delivery worker and a kind customer on Reddit was recently shared with us, and it really warmed our hearts! Good to know that there are still many kind souls out there…

Safety comes first. Your food can be replaced, but not the rider. Credit: Stomp

In the text message, a delivery rider thanked the customer for his / her patience as he was waiting for the meal to be prepared. In response, the customer reminded the rider that safety should come first, and not to rush!

Credit: u/GuivenancioYong

Not too long ago, the wife of a Foodpanda delivery rider, Ms Nur Syafiq, commented on Facebook that she had to deal with angry texts from her late husband’s customers demanding for updates on their orders. In a wrenching comment that has since gone viral, she recounted how she was standing in front of her husband’s body, apologising to each customer that day.

text message of the wife of a delivery rider
Circulating on WhatsApp

“Where are you?? When will you be reaching?” These were among some of the messages Ms Nur received. Sadly, the job of delivery riders can be gruelling, and often they meet impatient and demeaning customers. We can all do with a little more empathy and consideration for this vulnerable group of workers.

“Let us continue to be kind and thoughtful to one another by spreading positive messages of care and concern,” she stressed.

Ms Nur wants more people to actively looking out for this vulnerable group of workers. Truly commendable as she’s dealing with her own pain. These days, she has been sharing her story in the hope of helping to improve working conditions of delivery riders. She also advised the public to not rush delivery riders.

We Too Can be Stakeholders to Better The Lives of our Food Delivery Rider

On a larger scale, the National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA) formed by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) will work closely with stakeholders to address work issues faced by FSEs, enhance the support frameworks, and uplift their work prospects. In doing so, NDCA aims to address the income stability and safety of FSE riders who deliver food and packages.

In our daily lives, we too, can be stakeholders involved in the movement to create a better working environment for our delivery riders! Don’t underestimate simple gestures like a “thank you”, tipping, a drink or a snack – it could just make our food delivery workers’ day better! In fact, we’ve already seen many such acts of kindness and appreciation across Singapore during this tough period — let’s further extend it, shall we? 😊