What Can You Learn In A Wine Specialist 4.0 Masterclass?

Wine Specialist 4.0

Wine and food pairing isn’t as straightforward as “white wine with white meat, red wine with red meat”.

Here is what 28 participants from various F&B and retail establishments learnt from international wine specialist Lim Hwee Peng, in a masterclass supported by e2i (Employment & Employability Institute) to groom the next generation of Wine Specialist 4.0 with future skills.

Wine Specialist 4.0
Over a three-day certified course held at Mahota Commune, participants learnt how to identify and describe various taste and textures of wine.


Wine Specialist 4.0
Wine instructor Lim Hwee Peng introduced participants to different types of wines every day to expand their repertoire of wines.


Wine Specialist 4.0
Mr Lim (in red shirt on right) makes his classes as hands-on as possible. In this photo, he organised participants into small groups and gave each group tasks where they needed to identify appropriate wines in a retail setting with many wine choices.


Wine Specialist 4.0
Each group had to remember what they learnt about the wine’s source, fermentation, storage, taste profile and more in order to complete the challenges.

Participants also sat through a theory examination which upon passing, they would each receive a Certificate in Wine Studies Program which is endorsed and issued by the Wines of Western Australia, a State-level Wine Industry Association.

With their new knowledge and practical experience of wines, participants would be better equipped for the following:

  • make informed choices on which wines to add to their menus
  • how supply chains affect the choice and quality of wines available
  • optimise wine and food matching options in their existing menu
  • develop new wine and food matching options for customers
  • evaluate wines based on parameters used by the industry
  • identify gaps within their company to plan for future training

Special thanks to Mr Lim Hwee Peng, CWE, FWS and e2i for the opportunity to observe the Wine Specialist 4.0 masterclass.

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