Ways to cope with Working-From-Home during June Holidays

june holidays

The June holidays are here again. As much as we adore spending time with our children, this may be another source of headache for some of us still working from home. Here are some ideas on how to balance your workload with caregiving responsibilities!

1. Create a schedule and share it with them

Kids thrive on regularity – just think about what they are used to in school. Having a fixed playtime can help shift their attention to looking forward to that playtime rather than to crash your next Teams meeting

2. Plan Quality Time

Let’s face it, it would be impossible to keep kids indoors all day. Set aside some time to bring them outdoors and soak in some Vitamin D. Consider doing it over lunchtime – they might even want to take a quiet afternoon nap later!

3. Setting rules

Nobody wants to be interrupted by their children during an important call. Setting boundaries and talking them through it is important to let them know when they should not bother you. For example, let them know that when the doors are closed it means you’re out of bounds unless there’s an absolute emergency

4. Create projects

Give the kids tasks to work on. It could be anything from building something from lego, fixing a jigsaw puzzle, colouring books, or even sorting out the laundry. There are some neat colouring sheets online

5. Seeking an extra pair of hands

There’s no shame in seeking help. When the going gets tough, there is no shame in seeking help. Rather than be cranky around your children, why not ask another family member (read: grandparents) to help?

Setting up a playdate at a classmate’s might also be a cunning but good idea to get away from the children for an hour or two!

6. Take a day or two off and reward them with some of your time

Now c’mon you shouldn’t be working the entire June holidays away. Work will never be finished, ever, and you don’t want to miss experiencing your children grow up.

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