Who Made The Trump-Kim Summit Possible (Besides The Politicians Obviously)?

trump kim summit

So much exposure has been given to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un for their historic Trump-Kim summit in Singapore.

The Trump-Kim summit was announced only on 10th May 2018, and materialised just over a month later

How did Singapore pull off the Trump-Kim summit in a month?

Whether or not Singaporeans agree that we should have hosted the Trump-Kim summit, how much Singapore should spend on it, and whether the summit had a positive or negative impact on us, one thing is clear.

When we get arrowed to do something, we come together and get the damn job done.

Now that the Trump-Kim summit is over, it is time to give recognition to the workers who pulled up their socks and worked hard to make the summit a reality.

Here are some of the workers whom we should appreciate

In no particular order of importance, let’s start with what’s close our hearts: the food.

Singapore catered a mix of local and international cuisines, such as…

trump kim summit
What sumptuous food is on the menu? (Photo: ST)

Workers in Singapore also helped feed 3,000 journalists at the $5m media centre, though food is apparently sponsored.

trump kim summit
Buffet staff preparing food for the media (Photo: John Jiayong Low)

SATS staff had to manage 7,000 meals, and there were 25 chefs x 2 shifts stationed at the media centre, plus another 10 workers to look after logistics and transport.

trump kim summit
Buffet staff still busy preparing food for the media (Photo: John Jiayong Low)

Various businesses were also roped in to help cater food and drinks, such as the Common Good Company, Ya Kun, Old Chang Kee, Chef in a Box, Empire Artisan, Polar, Yeo’s, sogurt, PastaMania, Soup Spoon, Paris Baguette and more.

trump kim summit
Ya Kun staff prepping local beverages and toast (Photo: John Jiayong Low)


trump kim summit
Ya Kun staff doing what they do best, making a good cup of coffee to start a busy day (Photo: 民視綜合頻道)


trump kim summit
Buffet staff dishing out laksa (Photo: 民視綜合頻道)

Besides serving 3,000 journalists food, F&B and service staff also had to ensure the leaders and their teams were fed well.

trump kim summit
A stressed-out Istana staff serves Trump his surprise birthday cake

Slogging it out to capture the Trump-Kim summit

Journalists, camera crew, media newsroom, photographers, editors, graphic designers and supporting staff played a key role in communicating the latest news about the Trump-Kim summit to the world.

Conducting interviews next to traffic lights, uploading contents while sitting on the ground behind a police cordon, working into the wee hours of the night…

Without these workers in the media industry, we would not have such timely updates on the Trump-Kim summit, down to the vehicle type in Kim’s motorcade.

Keeping Singapore secure and safe

People may complain about the $20 million bill, of which half went to security.

However, if things were to go wrong, such as a terrorist attack or a security breach, imagine the implications of reputational and opportunity costs for Singapore.

Singapore’s security is as strong as its weakest link. We’re surrounded by water, and can be attacked from air, land or sea. It pays off to have all those joint exercises so the entire Home Team can work together to keep us safe.

Lesser-known duties at the Trump-Kim summit

The Trump-Kim summit also revealed to us the existence of duties and workers who are usually not featured much in the press, such as staff from the Istana…

Drone pilot (not even in this video)…

and even a table and pen-sanitiser.

A well-executed event depends on even the smallest job being completed well, and we should take pride in our fellow workers for putting in the effort to get the job done while the rest of the world looks on.

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