Worker Hacks: How to deal with the transport fare increase


Workers will have one less thing to cheer about with the increase in transport fares come Dec 28. If you are a frequent commuter, be prepared for fare hikes.

Bus and train fares for adult card users will rise by 9 cents per journey – an increase of 7 per cent. Fares for single-trip tickets or those paying cash will see a 20 cent increase. For adult monthly passes, these will now be $128, up from $120.

But all is not lost, fare hikes are fairly usual because of increasing operational costs (manpower, energy prices etc) and there are ways to deal with the looming fare hikes.

Here they are:

1. Utilise subsidies if you qualify for them

Fret not, over 450,000 public transport vouchers will be distributed. This will go to help lower-income groups manage the fare increase better and cushion its impact. These vouchers will range from $30 to $50 dollars and cover a huge bulk of the increase.

2. Early bird catches the discount

Feeling the pinch from the fare increase? Tap in at any mrt gantry by 7.45am and enjoy a pre-peak discount of up to 50 cents. This will more than offset the fare increase of 9 cents, making your overall monthly transport bill even smaller.

3. Change up your route

If your journey consists of taking multiple modes of transportation (1 train ride and 1 bus ride etc), consider changing up your route. Can you substitute the short bus ride by walking the extra 10min?

During lunch hours, minimise traveling to other parts and focus on exploring nearby food areas on foot.

4. Save money in other ways

Instead of focusing on the fare increase, look at other ways to save money that will more than offset the fare increase.

  • Cut down on Singapore’s national drink – bubble tea! More savings and much healthier.
  • Pool money with colleagues and utilise food delivery promotions so you don’t have to travel out for lunch
  • Shop online and use coupons for better deals on things you need
  • Pay with mobile payment apps like GrabPay, FavePay, ShopgbackGo for cashback
  • Join Telegram groups for the lastest lobangs on airfares, food, promo codes etc
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