Tips on how to stay awake in the office

staying awake in office

It has been a week of mixed emotions for many of us as we return to the workplace. While the positives are aplenty (hooray for reconnecting with colleagues and a dedicated workspace), there may also be anxiety and stress of adjusting and getting back into a routine that most of us haven’t done in two years.

One of the perks of working remotely is the zero-commute time for many of us. For some, this means extra minutes to snooze before you start the day. Working from home also allows you to have a quick power nap when work things get too…dry and dreary.

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Now that we are in the office, we must bid those privileges goodbye.

So here are the things you can do to stay awake in the office when sleep is not an option.

Keep your space cool

A warm space can make you feel lethargic. Keep your workspace cool. If you sit near a window that can be cranked open, do it! The refreshing breeze will keep your blood flowing. A fan can also help if you’re stuck in a tiny cubicle. The key is to keep yourself cool enough so that your energy level stays up.

Regular breaks and walk

Interrupt your tedious, mundane tasks with 5-minute breaks. Get up and move around during your break to help bring blood flow to your muscles and wake them up.

Grab a healthy snack

If you happen to skip a meal while in the office because work was just too consuming, do not down a sweet bubble tea or munch on chocolates as a meal replacement. The huge sugar spike can lead to a quick crash, leaving you more feel more lethargic. Instead, eat frequent small snacks of healthy proteins, carbs, and fats throughout the day. Nuts and fruits, FTW!

Stay hydrated

And not with coffee! While caffeine can help jumpstart your day, too much will make you dehydrated and restless. One good way to stay awake is to load up on the H2O. Fluids will help your circulatory system and get your blood flowing.

Massage or Pinch Yourself- Hard!

Give yourself a jolt of energy by massaging specific pressure points on your body. Some key areas are: between your thumb and index finger (helps relieve headaches!), the back of your neck, or across your temple. The unconventional way, of course, is to pinch yourself hard. The pain will kick up your adrenaline, waking you up.

It always takes a while to get back into a routine so try not to pressure yourself. Going back to the office will eventually feel like a normal part of life. There will definitely be some desirable things absent, but the benefits will outweigh those.

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