The Labour MP Patrick Tay Who Wouldn’t Give Up

Singaporeans will enjoy more SkillsFuture credits, more targeted policies for workers aged 40 to 60, and SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit for Employers that were announced in Budget 2020.

But how many of us know the Labour MP who has been repeatedly nagging asking the government for these support year after year after year?

Who is this Labour MP?

Patrick Tay is a Labour MP with NTUC. He was apparently an NTUC FairPrice cashier in his younger days, and is now the Executive Secretary for the largest union in Singapore (SMMWU).

A visit his LinkedIn showed up a whole list of other hats he wears such as Chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee on Manpower.

He’s been helping workers with jobs for years, even when he was an industry liaison officer.

What did Patrick Tay lobby for in the past?

Quite a lot of things actually.

Since 2011, he lobbied for the government to look into Labour Market Testing (where companies should give Singaporeans consideration before employing foreigners), and a jobs bank to list available jobs. MOM eventually launched the Fair Consideration Framework and National Jobs Bank a few years later.

He asked for SkillsFuture credit top-up in 2017, and repeated this point in 2019, before the government announced the $500 top-up in Budget 2020 (plus another $500 for Singaporeans aged 40 to 60 years old).

When Patrick Tay (second from left) launched a mature PME support service in 2015

Patrick Tay has also raised issues that workers above 40 years old face, such as:

Protecting more workers

After his multiple lobbying on issues affecting workers, several new measures were introduced by the government, like:

To advocate for a stronger Singaporean core, he has repeatedly:

He just wouldn’t give up. If something he thinks should be done, and it hasn’t been done yet, he will just repeat again and again.

What about other vulnerable people in Singapore?

A quick search revealed that Patrick Tay has also spoken up for:

He also facilitates legal primer talks on a regular basis with LawWorks, covering tough topics like workplace discrimination, sexual harassment at the workplace, freelancer rights and PDPA.

And he used to arrest criminals to keep Singapore safe.

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