Salary Increases for MOE educators from October 2022

Salary increase for MOE teachers

Salary increases of 5 – 10% from Oct 1 

Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers, allied educators and MOE kindergarten educators can expect a monthly salary increase of 5 – 10 per cent come October 1, 2022. 

In an announcement on August 16, the MOE cited that there was a need to ensure the competitiveness of their salary packages in order to attract and retain good educators. 

This salary increase would benefit about 35,000 education officers, 1,600 allied educators and 800 MOE kindergarten educators. MOE’s last salary review was in 2015. 

New Officer Grade 

General Education Officer (GEO) Grade 5A will be created to “better recognise valuable contributions” of teachers who do not hold Key Personnel appointments. MOE said in the announcement.  

So, as long as educators meet the performance criteria for promotion, they can progress to GEO 5A without holding Key Personnel appointment(s). 

Enhancement of CONNECT Plan 

MOE’s CONNECT Plan, its 30-year retention plan for education officers will be enhanced. Currently, a flat rate quantum ranging from S$3,200 to S$8,320 is set aside for officers every year, and the quantum awarded varies according to their length of service.  

The quantum accumulated will be paid out every three to five years of service. 

From 2023, the CONNECT Plan will be enhanced by about 20 per cent, in order to improve the payout ratio to better support officers who are fresh to MOE.  

Beyond wages 

Beyond improving wages, MOE said that it would continue to provide upskilling opportunities for their educators, such as in-service courses to deepen teachers’ content mastery and pedagogy, and external work attachment(s) to expose teacher to diverse experiences. 

This announcement comes after MOE education officers, who are considered civil servants, enjoyed a 0.35 month mid-year bonus in June 2022. Will other ministries follow suit? That will be an interesting question to ponder about.

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