Private Hire Driver Shows Us The Difference One Man Can Make


How often do we wonder: what difference can one person make?

I was impressed by the readiness of Mr Peter Tung at making an effort to be ready to help others, after reading an article about him in The New Paper.

Mr Peter Tung has received two SCDF Community First Responder Awards (Photo: TNP)

This man not only learnt first-aid, but is also a first-aid instructor.

He also kitted out his private hire car, not with fancy bells and whistles, but a first-aid kit.

To prepare himself to deal with emergencies, he even volunteered with the Singapore Red Cross and went on disaster relief trips to countries like Sri Lanka.

What difference did he make?

In Singapore, he has responded to 10 accidents in the last two years.

His training came in handy while assisting a motorcyclist whose right leg had broken and his leg bone was sticking out.  While waiting for SCDF paramedics, he was able to stabilise the man’s neck and spine, and bandage his wounds.

On a separate occasion, he also performed CPR on an elderly man who had a heart attack.

I’m writing this because even as we celebrate his contributions, TNP mentioned that only 15% of accident victims receive bystander assistance.

How many others like him bother to help?

Private hire drivers like Mr Tung are not the only ones who respond to accidents.

There are also 100 taxi drivers like Mr Yap Keng Ho who are linked up to SCDF’s MyResponder app to be alerted if they’re within 1.5km of a cardiac arrest case, under a programme which equips them with life-saving skills and an automated external defibrillator (AED) in their taxis.

One of the 100 taxi drivers who has an AED in his taxi (Photo: SMRT)

Even random members of the public band together and help people in need.

Five Jurong West residents saved the life of a man who had collapsed due to cardiac arrest.

Five responders in Jurong West saved a man’s life after he had a heart attack. (Photo: Yahoo)

And even in tragedy, deceased truck driver Mr Soh Kian Hoon helped 6 people after his family donated his organs to them.

I don’t know how big a difference I can make

Helping others doesn’t need to be fancy or on a big scale.

As long as it’s from your heart, and within your capacity, acts of kindness can make a difference to someone else’s life.

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