Learn To Bake Anywhere, Anytime with Phoon Huat’s Online Classes

With the Circuit Breaker forcing Singaporeans and businesses to go online, homegrown bakery Phoon Huat had to cancel all its in-store classes at its Sims Lane and The Star Vista studios.

While its B2B business suffered when many of its foodservice customers cancelled their orders and dining-in was suspended, there was a surge in retail demand and home deliveries as more people started baking at home.

It was a ‘very drama’ period for Phoon Huat, which dealt with multiple issues from managing larger retail crowds on split team shifts and shorter operating hours, to repacking items from bulk B2B packaging to smaller retail sizes.

At the same time, Phoon Huat expanded its baking classes online under its RedMan brand to reach out to customers in the convenience of their own home. The 70-year old company also posted recipes of trending items to bake on its Facebook page with recipes available on its website.

It’s been a while since I’ve attended a baking class by RedMan. Hence, I was excited to hear that RedMan had an affordable range of online classes to complement its studio classes, which have since resumed.

What baking classes does Phoon Huat offer under RedMan?

RedMan offers both studio and online classes in English and Mandarin, with an option for students to add on the full set of ingredients (called ‘Hands-on’).

For online hands-on classes, RedMan delivers the ingredients to your home in advance so you can literally bake as you learn.

Classes without ingredients provided are called demos. Online demo classes start from an affordable $30. These classes are conducted live by certified chefs who can answer your questions on the spot.

Classes are conveniently segmented into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so you can sign up based on your comfort level.

What goes on in an online baking class?

After signing up for an online baking class here, you’ll be provided with a Zoom link to enter the Zoom lesson for the date and time you chose.

Even if you’re on the go, RedMan’s online classes are easily accessible via the Zoom app on your mobile phone.

I signed up to learn how to make a Charlotte Mango Ginger cake, consisting of a dainty little ladyfinger sponge encasing a luscious coconut mousse and mango ginger-lime compote.

The online class was conducted by Chef Jazreel Tan, who has over eight years of experience working in French fine dining establishments and Japanese pastry shops and bakery. She was trained in French Pastry at the Ferrandi Paris culinary institute.

Chef Jazreel introduced the ingredients that she would be using and demonstrated step-by-step how to prepare the parts of the cake before assembling it.

During the class, she provided tips on the process that we could take note when we try baking the cake ourselves and also showed us how to assemble the cake easily. Participants could unmute themselves to ask questions verbally or type in the chatbox.

I liked how Chef Jazreel made the recipe easy for beginners to follow and pre-empted possible issues we may have by sharing the useful tips.

Who are RedMan’s online baking classes suitable for?

Perhaps you have to look after kids or the elderly at home. Or you have a super tight schedule where you’re unable to go to the studio, but can watch the lesson at home or on-the-go.

You may have a new oven to test out or would like to bake with your child at home using RedMan’s pre-delivered ingredients.

You’re curious to learn recipes that are suited to your experience, whether you’re a beginner or advanced baker. Or you could simply want to treat yourself to a virtual class for some self-care and creativity.

For anyone who prefers to learn virtually, RedMan’s online baking classes are suitable as they are easily accessible, and chefs are available live to answer your queries.

To check out the full range of Phoon Huat’s RedMan online and in-studio classes, visit www.redmanshop.com/bakingclasses

Special thanks to Phoon Huat for the information and invite.

All photos are courtesy of Phoon Huat.

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