May Day Rally 2023: 5 key takeaways from DPM Lawrence Wong’s speech

May Day Rally

 So DPM Lawrence Wong was at May Day Rally 2023 while many of you Singaporeans were out shopping and some maybe, stuck across the causeway after a long weekend trip!

The celebration was held at Suntec City Convention Hall.  

Here are 5 key takeaways from DPM’s speech that has brought workers some positivity on May Day!  

5 key takeaways from DPM Lawrence Wong’s speech 

We emerged from the crisis a better people stronger and more united than before.

DPM shared that NTUC and its unions too are better and stronger. They responded quickly to support  workers, reached out to the self-employed and freelancers, and provided them a much-needed lifeline through the SIRS scheme. And when workers lost their jobs, NTUC and its unions complemented the Government’s Jobs and Skills package with personalised support, helping them with the NTUC Care Fund and enabling them to find new jobs quickly. DPM paid tribute to everyone who rallied together and pulled Singapore through this crisis of a generation. 

Economic outlook is not going to be rosier, but Singapore will survive the storms 

The world today is wracked with many nightmares. We are facing intense competition to compete which in turn, will affect how we grow our economy. Many are worried about Singapore’s prospects in this new environment. Global developments will impact us – make it harder for us to compete, grow our economy, create jobs, and earn a living. But just as we found a way through the pandemic, DPM Lawrence Wong is confident we can survive the coming storms! 

Covid pandemic has enhanced our reputation as a reliable and trusted hub for business.  

We have proved ourselves to the world amidst the pandemic! DPM Lawrence Wong suggests that we take full advantage of this, and find ways to serve the evolving needs of global businesses, and provide the world a more compelling value proposition – so that the leading companies of the world will continue to choose Singapore for their investments. 

Urgent that we reskill and upskill our workers 

It is of utmost urgency to create well-paying jobs for all Singaporeans. DPM shared that the Labour Movement has this motto: Jobs are the best form of welfare. Jobs will change over time. With new technologies and more productive ways of doing things, existing jobs will be made obsolete. But new ones will be created, and these will be more productive and higher value jobs. DPM reiterated that we must have enough of are ingenuity and innovation, guts and gumption. We must ask ourselves: How can we adapt, adjust, innovate – and continue to make a living in this harsh environment. In the Forward Singapore review, the Government is studying how they can invest more in every worker – to help them continuously reskill and upskill, stay competitive, and take up new opportunities over the course of their careers. 

Would upskilling improve work prospects of freelancers & the self-employed?

Importance of strengthening tripartism and the partnership between the PAP and the NTUC 

Tripartism is Singapore’s secret recipe. It is one of our biggest competitive advantages. That’s the foundation of our economic growth, and of the fair and just society we have sought to build over the last six decades. DPM Wong promised that the Government will always be here for the unions and for every worker – that conviction is in our DNA; it’s in the DNA of both the PAP and the NTUC. “If we are to survive and thrive, we must work together.”

DPM further reiterated that the unions can always count on his friendship and support! 

“We must learn to give and take, and make compromises that take us forward, rather than play on differences that hold us back. The 4G team and I are fully committed to look after our workers, to protect your interests, and help you bounce back from tough times.” 

Why is having a worker-centric Government essential to Singapore’s success?

Solidarity, forever 

In solidarity, Singapore will survive the global storms and nightmares that are looming…

“However treacherous the terrain ahead, so long as Singapore continues to progress, all Singaporeans must continue to progress – with none among us left behind,” DPM Lawrence Wong, May Day Rally 2023.  

 Forward Singapore!