LionsBot: The Singapore-Made Robot Cleaner

When I visited the NTUC FairPrice store at Vivocity, I was surprised to see a robot with a cute face at the entrance. Upon closer inspection, the robot is actually an automated cleaner that can sweep and mop the floor, with buttons that kids can press to make the robot dance or sing.

Lionsbot is a Singapore-based company that invented and now provides these automated cleaning robots to commercial, industrial and public spaces.

Here’s their story:

1. How did LionsBot come about?

In 2017, SuperSteam co-founders, Dylan and Michelle, were looking into importing cleaning robots as they saw a growing need for commercial cleaning robots in Singapore, where the majority of our cleaners are above 50 years old and aging.

Coincidentally, Prof Rajesh Mohan from SUTD contacted them and showed them a robotised cleaning machine which his students had engineered. They then found a common goal to engineer a professional cleaning robot with personality, truly made in Singapore.

In February 2018, LionsBot was registered. In Oct 2018, the first LeoBot prototype was completed. In July 2019, LionsBot went live for commercialisation.

2. Who are the workers behind LionsBot?

LionsBot has employed more than 40 staff, of which more than 30 are engineers. The majority of our engineers are graduates from SUTD.

Our team works very hard and long hours. We work hard but we also play hard. We produce amazing result at an incredible speed. The team is still growing and so we will be on the lookout for talents to join our team.

3. What can LionsBot products do that you have not seen anywhere else in Singapore?

LionsBot cleaning robots do not only clean with more superior results than other commercial cleaning robots, our robots have personality as they can “interact” with humans.

No other professional cleaning robots are able to sing, rap, and speak in many languages. They show emotions through their eye expression. Our robots are robots people love.

Our LeoMop is world’s first commercial mopping robot. Not only it mops well, it uses 80X less water than typical mopping machines.

4. What milestones are you especially proud of?

We have successfully designed, engineered and manufactured a fleet of high performing cleaning robots, fully made in Singapore, in LionsBot factory at Changi South Street, within 18 months of conception.

Our robots have been featured by more than 40 news agencies locally and internationally. We have successfully clinched some overseas distributorship and by mid-2020, more than 300 robots will be deployed in Singapore and worldwide.

Learn more about LionsBot at Special thanks to LionsBot for the interview.

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