Just for Laughs: 3 Creative Ways to Maximi$e Your Work-From-Office Arrangement

work from office WFO

Still annoyed that you’ve been called back to the office, marking the end of your work-from-home (WFH) escapades? Well, for some of us, it might be even more difficult to accept that our bosses are not giving us the flexibility of WFH even during this holiday season.

After all, there is already not much work to do with most people going on holiday and projects being paused for the season – but what do you mean we still have to report to the office?

Well, the light at the end of the tunnel is that there could still be some ways to maximise your time in the office:

1. Charge all your gadgets in the office

That’s right. Remember to bring your cables to the office, and make sure to go home with your fully charged phones. And AirPods. And smartwatches. And e-readers. For those who want to go full out, you could even store extra charges on a portable charger!

2. Skip your morning coffee and have it in the office

So many of us are tempted by the countless coffee places we walk past on our way to the office. There seems to be something nicer about a cup of coffee we pay for than the free coffee in the office.

But why pay extra for something that can come for free? The $2 daily could really add up if you think about it. Of course, there could be ‘cheat’ days now and then, and your wallet would still not be bleeding as badly as before.

Also, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a fancy pantry, complete with snacks and breakfast, take FULL advantage of it. Dabao might be going too far, but who’s to stop you from trying out everything in the pantry?

3. Take a dump in the office

Besides saving on that one (or sometimes two) big flush and tons of toilet paper, what’s more economical than taking a dump in the office to increase your actual hourly rate?

Besides, this gif says it all:

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That’s all of our tips for you, now don’t report us to HR!