Five Touching Tweets During Circuit Breaker

The Circuit Breaker is finally over!

As we move into Phase 1 of post-Circuit Breaker, here’s a look back at five touching tweets that show how different people in Singapore have shown care and concern for one another.

1. An Indian restaurant sends hot snacks to hospital staff for free for a month

According to a tweet by Jawed Ashraf, MTR Indian restaurant has been packing hot snacks and sending them to medical staff in Singapore hospitals, free of charge.

He said MTR has doing this for a month and will continue their gesture of gratitude for the selfless service by the medical staff.

2. BTS Fanclub donates to provide meals for migrant workers

A BTS’ Singapore fanclub has made donations under #Taehyung’s name to Klook Cares, to help provide quality meals to migrant workers affected by COVID-19 in Singapore.

The Klook Cares initiative, in support of the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) and Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach (AGWO) emergency meal support program, aims to provide 5,000 quality meals to migrant workers, with deliveries sponsored by uParcel.

3. Saying ‘i love you’ to someone else’s boyfriend

A Deliveroo rider got a special request from a customer to say ‘i love you’ to her boyfriend. He gamely carried out her request and his video went viral.

Here’s @Naz_Lucenzo‘s account of what happened:

Working as a Deliveroo rider and i got a special request from a customer to say ‘i love you’ to her bf. Okay la, gf happy, bf happy. Everyone’s happy. You request, i do for you la #Deliveroo #EssentialWorkers” 

4. Reminding your boyfriend about your anniversary, via a Foodpanda rider

Twitter is a platform where many touching and even entertaining requests have been highlighted – such as this instance of a customer who asked a Foodpanda rider to remind her partner about their anniversary during the Circuit Breaker.

@Jaiya_zuruck tweeted:

“I just want to thank this foodpanda rider for coming through with my request. Unfortunately the app doesn’t have a tip function so I couldn’t tip him. But thank you for making my anniversary a pleasant one despite this circuit breaker 🙌🏽”

5. Thanking delivery riders by getting them drinks

A video on Twitter shows how various Singaporeans show their appreciation for delivery riders by getting them drinks.

@arinaazain tweeted:

“Thank you delivery riders for sacrificing your health and time for us. Here is the least we could do to repay your kindness. Not to forget the other frontliners too. Be safe ride safe!”

While social media has been an integral part of our lives for the past decade, COVID-19 has resulted in many people on Twitter leveraging the platform to stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues; as well as to stay abreast of the latest developments regarding the pandemic.

How to use Twitter as you #StayHome even after Circuit Breaker

1. Spread good vibes even when you #StayHome and #WFH as you connect with the community

2. Keep the #KampungSpirit alive with #SGUnited and share heartwarming Tweets and stories

3. Never miss out on the latest and credible #COVID2019 news in Singapore

Special thanks to Twitter for the information.

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