Feeling Lost After Graduation

Graduation feeling lost

For some, graduation should be one of the most enjoyable moments of one’s life. It’s the pinnacle and conclusion to over a decade and a half of education, so it’s no wonder why graduation is something that students look towards as a high point. However, what comes after the adrenaline has died down?

That initial relief from not having to stress over examinations, pulling nighters, and skipping meals is quickly quashed by the manifestation of another set of problems. Much like a cocoon, college represents a sort of enclosed and safe space, where it’s easy to get support from teachers, students and the general community due to our proximity to basically anyone. For most of us, our only focus was on learning and getting a degree. It’s no wonder that some of us are not ready for that transition into adulthood, which requires an overall shift in mindset from being a student to a responsible working adult.

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Post-Graduation Depression

This phenomenon is actually termed Post-Graduation Depression, and is a situational depression stemming from multiple reasons including the pressure of finding a job, feeling of failure at not being able to launch immediately, and changes in friendships as the frequency in meeting and availability of the friends around us decrease. There could also be a sense of overwhelm due to the sheer number of responsibilities that we find ourselves with, including finding an apartment, getting a job, dealing with bills and so on. Without proper preparation, that transition was always going to be a tough one.

Although it might sound bleak, preventing post-graduation depression is possible. Having a clear direction of where you want to head towards in the future as well as a plan of attack on how to get there would do you wonders in avoiding the existential crisis that comes post-graduation (also commonly known as quarter-life crisis). Developing solid self-care skills is imperative in ensuring that you would be able to function alone without a support system that’s as readily available as the community in college, and having discipline in learning about your own financials before graduating would prime you for the financial rigours to come in adulthood.

It’s very normal to face a sort of hopelessness and lost as one graduates, but ultimately the onus is still on you to do something about it. It’s entirely possible to avoid this altogether, as long as you know what to expect and ensure you’re ready for it when graduation inevitably comes.

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