What does Fair Consideration Framework and Friendzoning have in common?

What on earth is the Fair Consideration Framework, and what does it have in common with friendzoning?

The Topic

The Fair Consideration Framework gives Singaporeans a fair chance for jobs before companies can hire foreigners.

The Background

A decade ago, Singaporeans were getting more pissed off about an influx of foreigners, particularly foreign PMETs.

Rising foreign PMETs in Singapore in the 2010s (Photo: AspirantSG)

There were calls (e.g. by Labour MP Patrick Tay in 2011 and various advocacies by NTUC) for the government to have Labour Market Testing, to give Singaporeans priority for jobs.

Calls by Labour MP Patrick Tay in 2011 to protect Singaporean jobs (Photo: TNP)
NTUC Advocacy Timeline in the early 2010s for Singaporean jobs (Photo: NTUC)

Basically companies would be expected to friendzone foreigners unless there were no suitable Singaporeans.

The Developments

In 2014, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) launched the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) to strengthen the Singaporean core in the workforce.

Early days of Fair Consideration Framework (Photo: MOM)

Companies must advertise jobs in Jobs Bank for 14 days to allow locals to apply. MOM has also made foreigners more expensive to hire with raised qualifying salaries.

MOM has friendzoned companies which have a poor track record on its watchlist (making it harder for these companies to bring in foreigners).

Even so, there were still complaints of discriminatory hiring by MNCs.

Labour MPs continued to push for more friendzoning of recalcitrant companies and a foreign PME dependency ratio for problem sectors.

One of multiple lobbying efforts by Labour MP Patrick Tay to strengthen Singaporean core (Photo: UPME)

Hence over the years, MOM has tightened the Fair Consideration Framework progressively and has recently announced more updates to friendzone companies which discriminate against Singaporeans.

The Choice

If you see any workplace discrimination such as:

  • Any discriminatory job advertisements
  • Any nationality-related discriminatory employment practices

You can report to TAFEP (aka the chaperone) here.

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