Burnout is not long-term if you take action today

While burnout has become the buzzword during these times, it’s still not easy to acknowledge it as an actual problem. So, where do you draw the line between everyday stress and a more significant concern? How do we make burnout not become a long-term situation?

Feeling burnout at work may feel overwhelming and debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be a long-term condition.

Take action with these steps:

Pay attention to your feelings

Emotions are powerful clues to what is important to us. Pay attention the next time you feel resentful, frustrated, and sad when dealing with a work task, and ask yourself why you think so. Manage these feelings before they turn into disillusionment leading to burnout.

Evaluate your options

Discuss specific concerns with your supervisor, be it work-related KPIs or expectations. Then, seek solutions, if not compromises, and set attainable goals.

Keep work at work

 Stick to a work schedule that enables you to handle your other personal commitments. Be strict with setting boundaries, such as your attention is focused on one thing at a time, and when the workday ends, you will disconnect from work. Learn to say ‘no’!

Make friends at work

Reach out to colleagues who can provide you support and collaboration. Developing relationships at work gives you a sense of belonging and access to shared resources. It makes it easier to ask for help.

Get some exercise

Regular physical or relaxing activity can help you to better deal with stress. It can also take your mind off work.

Enough sleep

Sleep restores well-being and helps protect your health.

When stress rises, it’s easy to lose sight of the many good things in life. However, burnout isn’t something that happens overnight. Take a hard look at the factors contributing to your burnout and make informed choices to improve your work situation.  

Choose to make your mental wellness and health a priority, understand your own role in burnout, and ask for help if you need it.


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