A former sales director’s journey into TCM, and her passion towards creating a healthy work environment for her employees


TLDR; Former MNC sales director turned TCM co-founder dishes on her journey into TCM and her passion to create a conducive and healthy work environment for her employees.

Most of us dream of joining an MNC (multinational company), citing the following reasons; 

“Angmoh boss? Does it mean work-life balance?” 

“MNC means more money, Singaporean company so giam” 

“MNC brands are more prominent, it’ll probably look good on my resume.”

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But for some of us under different circumstances, these dreams can change. 

For Beatrice Liu, she joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) – one of the world’s leading FMCG companies – as a key account manager in 2006. She rose rapidly through the ranks and became a sales director when she reached her sixth year in the company. 

Then came 2014 –  her mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Beatrice left what seemed like a promising career at P&G behind to care for her mother. 

Turning hardships into opportunities 

After leaving the corporate world to care for her mother, Beatrice had a new-found interest in the traditional Chinese form of medical care. 

Beatrice shared that her mother was given three to six months to live, even with the conventional form of treatment. She therefore decided to replace conventional treatment methods with a more natural healing method. 

After following a strict Traditional Chinese Medicine Routine (TCM), her mother’s cancer went into remission. It wasn’t until two years later after her mother stopped the strict regimes that her cancer re-emerged.

She has since passed on.

“The whole journey made me realise that there’s a lot of potential in TCM, both in preventative care, as well as managing chronic conditions,” said Beatrice.

Today, Beatrice is the co-founder of two companies focused on health and wellness; 

  • Kairos Ygeia Pte Ltd, which she created with her husband 
  • Oriental Remedies Group, which she founded together with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Physician Leong Weizhen 

The friendship that turned into a business opportunity

It was 2016 when Beatrice got to know Ms Leong, who was then single-handedly running Oriental Remedies Inc. out of a clinic in Jurong East. The two became friends, and Beatrice ended up volunteering to help market the clinic’s services. 

Over the next three years, the TCM business flourished, with the company ready to open its second clinic. It was at this moment that Beatrice came on board as the CEO, with the business’s name changed to Oriental Remedies Group.

Today, the group has three clinics with around 40 workers. 

On creating a conducive workplace for employees 

One of Beatrice’s concerns as her business grew was to ensure the well-being of her employees. She had once been in a company that did little to fix the ways of an abusive colleague. 

She shared; 

“There was a manager who had a history of throwing things at people. So, there was a time when he was quite agitated with something on his computer and took up his mouse and almost threw it while I was in his line of sight. It was quite a traumatic experience for me.” 

Beatrice brought the matter up to her human resource department but said not much was done to resolve the issue.

Around six months after reporting the incident, she decided to leave the company as she felt that it was just not a conducive working environment to be in.

Talk about toxic… 

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Pledging her commitment towards creating a healthy work environment 

Oriental Remedies Group recently signed an agreement with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), pledging their commitment towards implementing policy frameworks to prevent and manage workplace harrassment. 

“NTUC has good consultants to help us figure out what is a proper policy,” she added.

At the end of the day, she believes that there are two main factors when it comes to dealing with workplace harassment.

“I think first is setting the culture so that such instances don’t happen. Second would be to open the lines of communication for our staff to be heard.”

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