7 Stereotypes of The Daily Commute

7 Stereotypes of The Daily Commute

Now that most of us are headed back to the office, it’s back to our daily dreary commute. Here’s a listicle dedicated to prepare yourself mentally for the people you will meet again on the crowded trains:

1. The Jostler

Are you ready to be bruised? The jostler will pull out all stops to snag a seat or get the best standing spot. This can sometimes mean queue-cutting, foot stepping, and some serious elbowing.

2. The Sleepyhead

The poor bloke probably pulled an all-nighter for a project. So, if you happened to be seated next to one of them, try not to be annoyed when their head nods off your shoulder. Be kind, stifle your laughter when you hear a snore.

3. The Unofficial DJ

You’ll probably hear them before you can find them in a cabin. More often than not, you’ll be treated to some head-banging heavy metal or electropop. Well, at least it wakes you up in the morning and keeps you updated on the latest tunes.

4. The Territorial

Those who are poor at the balancing game should refrain from standing near this group. To avoid getting on their nerves, hug your bag close to you for your dear life and keep a bent knee to lower your centre of gravity. A slightest bump can earn their wrath or set off a series of tsks. In extreme cases, some may even passive-aggressively brush off that area you bumped into, as though it had been dirtied by you.

5. The Running Man Addict

They used to be so much easier to spot, back in those days when we didn’t have to wear our masks. Today, we can only identify them from their uncontrollable shaking (from trying to suppress their laughter).

6. The Tertiary Student

These young punks are easily identifiable by their lack of stray white hair or a receding hairline like the rest of us. You’ve envied them for their lack of dress code, the light in their eyes, and their ability to stand for many stops without having to stretch out their legs or crack their neck.

What you don’t really miss, though, is the frantic note-reading during examination periods.

7. The Inconsiderate

Usually glued to their phones, this group of people are typically unaware of their surroundings. These are the culprits who do not move in when they should and do not make way when people need to get out. Don’t be like them.