7 online shops to get your stylish Back-To-Work outfits from in Singapore

work outfits online

Feeling stressed and unmotivated at work? Perhaps you should a little breather for some online shopping to make yourself feel better!

You know, as we start getting used to returning to the workplace all over again, some of us might also begin to feel like we have nothing to wear to work despite having a bursting wardrobe.

I, for one, am definitely feeling like that. And trust me, it is frustrating – it can make or break a workday – at least for me!

If, like me, you feel stuck with nothing to wear, or clothes feel as though the current clothes in your wardrobe don’t enhance your life in any meaningful way, here are 7 great online sites to get your Back-To-Work outfits from in Singapore that you should consider checking out!

1. Love, Bonito

Created for real women by real women, Homegrown fashion brand Love, Bonito needs no introduction!

Well-loved by many for its unique silhouettes and designs, it’s no surprise that many of us office ladies tend to opt for pieces from Love, Bonito to update our wardrobes with.


Besides office wear, there are also other options for you to choose from if you’re looking for a new outfit for a certain occasion!

2. Our Second Nature

Founded by Lauren Tan and The Collate Label’s founder, Velda Tan, Our Second Nature is a clothing brand that focuses on comfortable, everyday wear.

Since its launch in 2016, the brand has already established a loyal following for its neutral colour palette and modest silhouettes. The brand is also known for pieces that are good for layering as they are well-cut and suitable for both work and play!

3. Klarra

Designed for modern women, Klarra is a local clothing label of contemporary classics.

The local fashion label aims to give women the freedom of expression through their brand by crafting their aesthetics and products to accompany women in their every day and through their different phases of life.

4. Something To Hold

Started in the spring of 2021, Something To Hold was created by founder Lauren Tan in response to a need for a shift in patterns of consumption.

The brand places value on the people and the environment and it uses fabrics from certified sustainable sources and works with artists who uphold traditional practices of their craft.

5. Beyond The Vines

Established in 2015 by Singaporean husband-and-wife duo Daniel Chew and Rebecca Ting, Beyond The Vines has garnered a lot of attention, not just for its iconic Dumpling Bag, but the brand’s minimalistic, modern, fuss-free, and yet stylish design.

The local fashion brand offers unique designs that are accessible to all and are easy to match with any piece of clothing in your wardrobe!

6. Love and Bravery

Established in 2005, Love and Bravery started out as a Livejournal shop that sells only accessories. Fast forward to the present day, Love and Bravery is now a women’s label that seeks to create a collection of statement pieces and everyday wear for the modern woman.

Looking for sleek and chic outfits that are great for your 9 to 5 routine? You know where to head to!

7. SuperGurl

Well-known for its good quality apparel, local fashion label SuperGurl is a womenswear label with the vision of providing affordable and timeless pieces that women feel empowered in.

From casual wear to workwear and occasion wear – you want, they have it.

Brb, gonna check out my shopping cart!