5 Things to Remember If You’re Travelling This Season


It’s the holiday season and for some of us, it might be the first time we are travelling out since the pandemic struck. Travelling during the new normal may be a foreign experience for most of us. But fear not, here are some tips to help you prepare for your trip:

1. Bookmark this SG Arrival Card website

Too many people have been holding up the immigration lines at airports because they forget to fill this up! If you didn’t know, anyone (including citizens and residents) entering Singapore will have to fill up the SG Arrival Card. Those who fail to do so on arrival may have to fill it up, and then rejoin the immigration clearance queues.

 2. Remember to pack enough masks!

For most countries, mask-wearing is still a requirement at most public places. You don’t want to be in a situation when you’re caught ‘breaking the law’ overseas. Besides if you’re visiting a cold country, the mask can double up as extra insulation if needed!

Pro-tip: Pack 2-3 extra masks in case your mask snaps, you drop them or if your companion needs them!

3. Keep your vaccination certs handy

You might not need this when travelling out of Singapore, but you might be asked for it when you’re entering or leaving the foreign country. Another pro-tip here is that we all have our vaccination certs easily accessible via Singpass (thank god). But of course, please do be clear about what’s your password / 6-digit passcode before flying off and don’t be like our colleague who was locked out of her Singpass overseas!

4. Bring your passport (and the correct one!)

This may sound like a no-brainer but you’ll be surprised how many people forget their passport and have to turnaround to get it. This is especially for those who are travelling via land transport. Somehow, we are ingrained into linking passports to airports.

What’s even worse is that some of us may hoard expired passports (we know – for old times’ sake), and end up bringing the wrong one to the customs.


5. Remember to set your out-of-office on Outlook!

And enjoy the wonderful feeling when doing so! Check out some of the creative and tongue-in-cheek examples that you can consider adapting when setting your out-of-office message here!