5 Things To Add-to-Cart for the year-end sales


Gone are the days when only the Great Singapore Sale has the best deals. These days, 11.11, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and 12.12 sales are taking over. Here are some items that you might want to start adding to your cart before the massive sales start!

1. Christmas Gifts

Well, if Orchard Road is lighting up for Christmas this weekend, it’s not too early to get started on gift-buying. In fact, if you were planning to hold Christmas gift exchanges, it’s time to draw names and set up wishlists! On this related note, you might also want to start stocking up on –

2. Party Items

This season is all about drinks, matching Christmas hats, party poppers, party disposables (please at least get the bio-degradable ones), and silly card games. The end-of-year period is when most people let their hair down, or when some of us host parties. Not a host, well, it’s not a bad idea to bring some drinks over as a guest either.

3. Electronics

Beat the GST increase by buying your big-ticket items before the year ends. This is especially for those who are planning to move into your new houses next year. Don’t have lots of space to keep a television in your house right now? Consider getting some smaller items such as bedding or utensils for now! Pro-tip: Not all of us may remember cyber Mondays, but they ARE a thing and you could also bag some great electronics deals on this day too.

4. Clothes

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year, it’s time to keep your eyes peeled for blog shop discounts. If you don’t celebrate Chinese New Year, it’s also never a bad time to bag a new outfit at a steal! Some tips would be to go for basics as they wouldn’t go out of style if you’re able to keep yourself from wearing them until when you really need a wardrobe refresh, that is.

5. Travel Essentials

If you’re planning to travel over the next few months, it would also be key to start preparing for your trip. Whether it is disposable pillowcases (for those of us who are germ-phobic), winter gear, or an extra set of travel-sized toiletries.  Most of all, if you haven’t used your luggage for a while, do test out the condition and find out if you’ll need to buy a new one!

Let us know what else you’re preparing to cart out this season!