5 Generic Christmas Gift Ideas for your Colleagues


With Christmas being just a month away, most people are starting to make plans for Christmas parties or even secret Santa gift exchanges. For some of us who may not be the most thoughtful or close enough with our santees in the office, Christmas shopping may be a huge cause of stress. What’s there to gift other than the usual hand cream or chocolates?

Well, here are some gift ideas that you can consider for your next team gift exchange:

1. A beverage of some sort

Consider some fancy tea or coffee. If you’re clueless, Bacha coffee has been all the rage for some time now, and T2 has also been slowly establishing itself as a key competitor to TWG! If your Santee is a drinker, consider getting them some wine. Pro-tip: Ask the staff for recommendations or if you’re too shy, download the trusty Vivino app which is sure to provide some guidance with all the user ratings!

2. Thermoflask / Tumblers

Here’s another useful gift – to keep your drink hot for a cold day in the office, or a drink cold in scorching Singapore. If you’re unsure about which brand to go for – Starbucks tumblers are always a good choice! You can even earn some ‘Starbucks Stars’ rewards which can eventually add up to a free drink upsize!

3. Powerbank

This is quite underrated, but I think most of us are due for a power bank upgrade. Do your Santee a favor, and put in some effort into choosing one that’s highly portable and comes with USB-C. Worried that your Santee might already have one? Well, this still makes for a decent gift to be re-gifted!

4. ‘Help Me’ giftcards

Who said gifts have to be expensive?

A cute gift could be like one of those ‘Get Out of Jail’ cards. Except it could be something like ‘Help wash my mug today’, or ‘Help buy coffee on your way in this morning’.

Of course, this is not the most appropriate gift for your supervisor. So, do exercise some common sense and think twice before you really take up this suggestion!

5. Vouchers

This is the safest bet and the most functional gift. In fact, if your Santee is the average male in Singapore, we are pretty sure that they would appreciate one from Uniqlo. After all, isn’t that where 80% of the male population in Singapore get their clothes from? Other great options are also common mall vouchers such as the e-CapitaLand mall vouchers, or even a Love Bonito voucher for the OLs in your office!

What are some other great gift ideas? Please share them with us in the comment section!