5 factors to consider when looking for a job

5 factors to consider when looking for a job

Whether you’re a fresh graduate on the hunt for your first full-time job or a seasoned professional looking to hop over to somewhere new, it is key to weigh out the pros and cons when exploring potential career options.

Here are five essential factors to consider as you find the right career for you:

Salary and Passion

The bottom line is that you get a job to earn a living. However, what one deems as an ample salary and value for money definitely differs from person to person.

Some people don’t mind slogging through a 9-to-5 they don’t particularly enjoy as long as it earns them big bucks, while some insist on only working somewhere rooted in their passions and interests– even if it means taking a substantial pay cut.

Whatever your motivation is, it’s good to see whether the value of the potential job matches what you desire in a salary. You can also see whether the salary offered practically meets your needs and everyday expenses. So, set your expectations straight and assess whether the job at hand aligns with that.

Location and Working Hours

A long commute or having to work on weekends may be reasons you’d eventually be dragging your feet to the office, so evaluate whether these things may significantly impact your mood, work attitude and productivity before committing to a job.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also interestingly brought about more flexible working arrangements and structures, so this is also something you could explore with your potential employer if possible.

Work Culture

From a company’s core values to the very people you work with, a fitting work culture allows you to be more fulfilled, engaged and productive in the long run.

To get a feel of how a company fares in the eyes of its current and previous employees, you can do a quick background check on companies by visiting employment review websites, like Glassdoor. You can also visit their website or social media pages to see how they interact with their employees through company events and initiatives.

All in all, find a place that fits your personality, working style and personal values. While a job should challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone, it ultimately shouldn’t make you compromise on your own beliefs.

Work-life Balance

In this climate of ‘hustle culture’, it’s easy to forget that you still have a life and commitments outside of work. But, at the end of the day, a job should enhance your life, not take over it just for the sake of success. Find a job that hits the sweet spot for you and that also protects your rights as a worker.

Fortunately, in Singapore, there are organisations around that help workers get the best out of their work. For example, NTUC works with agencies such as the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practice to advocate fair and progressive workplaces.

Opportunities For Growth

As the saying goes, “Bloom where you are planted” and to bloom, you need the right ingredients like fertile soil, ample water and sunlight and so on.

Similarly, in a job setting, no one wants to stay stagnant. You need the right resources to grow too. Many hope that their jobs give them opportunities to grow their skillset or maybe even climb the ladder within the company; so it’s important to see whether the job you’re interested in has opportunities for career progression or skills development.

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While it is never easy finding the right career and there are also many other factors to consider, checking off your list of wants and no(s) might help you to make a better decision.