3 Quick Tips to Surviving Christmas

Christmas Holiday

It’s Christmas Day tomorrow! Most of us must have gatherings and parties all lined up. As this is the first Christmas where Covid-19 restrictions are pretty much minimal, we can expect spirits to run high and people to be more comfortable to gather in groups or heading out to soak in the festives. Here are some quick pointers to take note of:

1.  Be Aware of the Crowd

Orchard Road has long been identified as a key location to admire the annual Christmas light-up, or just to enjoy the festives. For the shopaholics and last minute gift-hunters, it’s also the best place to pick up Christmas presents or special festive deals. To avoid crowding, the Singapore authorities have developed a digital map that shows congestion levels in real time. This online portal will be live from Dec 24, and officers, crowd control barricades and direction signs will also be deployed to manage crowds in the area.

2. Drinking Responsibly

For those of us who are not great drinkers, Christmas can be a stressful holiday as we are expected to feast and drink. While it may be easier to get out of drinking when you’re with friends who know you’re a lightweight (although you may hate to admit it), it may be harder to say ‘no’ at a work gathering.

Well, other than coming up with excuses such as you’re driving, do keep in mind to not drink on an empty stomach. Also, it’s a known fact that mixing up different drinks can get you drunk better. So, do stick to one drink, stay sane and keep someone informed of your whereabouts just in case!

P.S: To prevent a hangover, consider getting one of those bounce-back pills that are stocked even at Guardian / Watsons!

3. Try not to bump into people

Or accuse them of staring at you. Trust us, you don’t want to be the next story on social media about how there was an endless shouting match of ‘see what see’. Spirits may run high during the festives and the crowd can get people angsty. It’s important to remember that it’s a holiday. Take a deep breath, be calm and remember that you’re meant to enjoy on a holiday, and not pick a fight!

Now go forth and enjoy the holiday that you deserve!