2023 Leave Hack : How to maximise your annual leave and enjoy 10 long weekends!

We hear you! Singaporeans tend to be overworked, feel burnt out and in dire need of a holiday. Fret not, 2023 brings with it a bumper crop of long weekends – if you know how to maximise your annual leave! With various countries opening up for travel, this is the perfect opportunity for post-COVID “revenge travel”.  Look out for:

  • Christmas and New Year long weekend 
  • Chinese New Year long weekend
  • Good Friday long weekend 
  • Hari Raya Puasa long weekend
  • Labour Day long weekend 
  • Vesak Day long weekend 
  • Hari Raya Haji long weekend 
  • National Day long weekend
  • Deepavali long weekend 
  • Christmas and New Year long weekend 

Kick-start your leave planning early with this handy guide of 2023 leave hacks so you can quickly chope your leave. 😛

Planning your annual leave: Refocusing on what’s important 

We hope this guide gives you a good idea of how to plan and maximise your annual leave. Having long weekends indeed makes it feel more like a break and some of the even longer weekends are great for fueling your wanderlust. 

Here comes bonus season!

Also don’t forget to take timeouts for yourself – be it catching up with Netflix drama, picking up a new hobby, learning new skills, taking courses to be more marketable, reading books or exercising. Work can be mentally draining and a break will help recharge and refresh you to face new work challenges. 

Self-care timeouts can also be planned sporadically throughout the year so you don’t have to wait for long weekends to take mental breaks. Even as you go about work, always be mindful about your own mental health and actively take leave when you need a break.